About Us

shane epikwhale cotton and brother trevor cotton own the mousepad company

Our Story: 


Over the last 4 years, I’ve become obsessed with mousepads and art. It’s all I think or talk about… 

If you’re anything like me or my brother, you spend an incredible amount of time at your desk. My philosophy is that any product you spend significant amount of time using should be meticulously engineered and aesthetically designed.

After my brother EpikWhale had established himself as a top Fortnite player, I started thinking about how we can team up to bring a superior product to the market that had design and function and provided a legitimate advantage.

After discussing multiple pain points within the gear he was using at the time, I learned that because he puts so many hours on his gear, his mousepads would start to have “dead-spots” in the center.

This got me thinking…. 

A little while later, one of our close family friends reached out to me and my brother with an interesting proposal. Turns out, this family friend was basically the largest manufacturer/importer of mousepads in the USA. He manufactures mousepads for some of the biggest companies such as Steelseries, Razer, and many more. 

Now I was really thinking… 

Since we were able to work so closely with the manufacturer, we began to engineer a mousepad tailored to my brother’s preference. After this tedious process of testing, we came out with the DuraGlyde™ mousepads that our customers have gotten to know and love. 

However, the meticulously engineered DuraGlyde™ wasn’t enough… As somebody who games, designs, and works from their desk, I know how important creating the perfect desk aesthetic is to this community.

Working with artists who posses an eye for aesthetics has brought us incredible results. From the Race Collection to the Artist Series, we hope that every piece of art we release will bring inspiration and joy to whomever has it on their desk to enjoy as they go through their day.