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Only 100 of this colorway will ever be printed.

Each pad is individually numbered 1-100.

Size: 36"x18"

Thickness: 3mm

Fabric: DuraGlyde


"Generative arts is about building autonomous system that are able to create appealing artworks. These artworks can range from 2d pictures over 3d rendered animations to music or even architecture. A key feature of generative systems is the incorporation of randomness into a system that is following specific rules.

I started my journey in generative arts in 2019, using the statistical programming language R. Since then it has become a very important part of my life. It almost perfectly combines my passions for math, coding, and colors and satisfies my desire to create. If you are thinking about becoming an genartist too, I can only encourage you! You will find a very supportive community and expand your creative horizon beyond your imagination!"


Twitter: @RtByTS

Instagram: @RtByTS